Mathematics and Programming Languages

As you might expect, coming from a math background I prefer more carefully-typed languages. But here I want to describe how mathematical discourse is less formal or general than you might expect, and the lessons that holds for programming.

Note: For brevity, in what follows I assume a very little bit of math background. Read more about Mathematics and Programming Languages

A Drupal Views Quirk

I do want to write about some more conceptual aspects of Drupal, but in the meantime here is a (possibly obscure) quirk:

The Views module allows you to apply a custom format to a field, but it can get a bit tricky if you want the value in a field to appear more than once, each time formatted differently. A similarly tricky matter can arise if you tweak the format of a field, change your mind about displaying it, and later want to display a custom field based on the original field. Read more about A Drupal Views Quirk


The Meaning of 'Symmetry'

There are a lot of discussions of 'symmetry' that give examples and a rather vague definition, but don't make clear why some things aren't 'symmetries' but which seem like they ought to be, at least under the vague definition. My aim here is to give a more precise definition, and show how it applies.

Here I'll just talk about symmetry of figures in the Euclidean plane, since places that give more sophisticated examples usually give a more sophisticated definition as well. Read more about The Meaning of 'Symmetry'

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